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A professional color matching software to help designers achieve greater levels of color harmony
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16 March 2007

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If you are a professional graphical designer it is likely that you might have experienced the need to replicate a particular color but may have found the color pallet available in your favorite image editor coming short. Now if you are looking at a proficient color scheme utility to spice up your designing work then it would be prudent for you check out Color4design application. The software boasts of a set of innovative options that allow you to pick a color of your choice, harmonize the same with your existing design and even offers relevant suggestions to choose an appropriate color scheme.

Color4design 1.0 sports a compact yet elegant interface that neatly presents a host of intuitive color functions before the user. The software helps the user with all sorts of designing projects and the color mixer application in the software can be efficiently used to create color scheme where the user can choose the base color from RGB, CMYK or hexadecimal values and the base color chosen can create a harmony of six more hues. The screen color picker functionality of the software facilitates grabbing colors from anywhere across the screen window. The layout of the software assists in placing the applications on the top and provides the user with a constant visual aid. The schemes and colors used in a particular design can be saved for future reference and use and for further initiating new textures.

Color4design 1.0 application offers a great way to enhance the color effects that you can present on your website. The software earns a score of 4 rating points for its well thought out features and its overall optimum performance. The application is likely to find many takers amongst graphic designers who are involved in creating template designs and volume design works.

Publisher's description

A professional color matching software to help designers achieve greater levels of color harmony.
Working with the color4design can help you to instantly pick colors, explore color harmony and obtain color schemes.
Let color4design help you with your design projects.
Pick a color and watch color4design suggest a color scheme.

Color Mixer
Use the built-in Color Mixer to create a color scheme.
You can choose your base color from RGB, CMYK or hexadecimal values and from that base color generate a color harmony scheme of six colors.
Color Harmony
From the base color selected, color4design generates a six color scheme.
Various color formats
RGB, CMYK and Hexadecimal
Screen Color Picker
Grab colors from anywhere on your screen with the built-in screen color picker.
Always on top
Due to color4design's compact layout, you can easily place it on top of other design applications to provide you with constant visual aid.
Want that perfect color you found minutes ago but just can't find it anymore? No problem, because color4design provides you with a history panel where you can browse through all the colors you used during the session.
Save your work
Save the schemes and history so you can recover a work session later.
Version 1.0
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